Wojciech Stogowski works full time within construction industry, on various projects around Scotland. He currently is studying towards a Bachelor's degree in Planetary Science and Astronomy with Open University. He also has an BTEC qualification in Aircraft Engineering and A-levels in maths and geography.

As a child, Wojciech was always a very curious boy, he always wanted to know how things around worked and what are they made of. This soon developed in to the passion for science, particularly in astronomy and earth science. However, he didn't not believe that he had the right skills and potential to study any scientific discipline. This view soon changed when he received an award for my exceptional exams results during his studies of Aircraft Engineering.

Wojciech Stogowski

Wojciech actively enjoys helping young people, particularly those who find maths and physics a little bit challenging. He also has had a lot of experience acting as a Polish-English translator within this local community.

Wojciech’s passion is to encourage and support young people who have passion for science, to pursuit their dreams and live the life full of discoveries, but are concerned about their skill set.