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Jude Morrow

​Jude currently works as a social worker for the elderly and mental health specialising in Dementia Care, but Jude’s true passion is astrophysics, being fascinated with the Earth, the solar system it sits in and the universe surrounding it. Jude graduated the University of Ulster Magee in July 2012 with a BSc Honours Degree in Social Work, but his knowledge of astrophysics is entirely self-taught, using books, online lectures, conversations with physicists and looking up at the night sky.

Jude always knew he wanted to go into a caring profession, and his life has been dedicated to helping people. He always considered science as a hobby and often

​wondered - where are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going in future? However, in the future he has the hope of moving into it and taking a planetary science learning course in the future. Jude believes that social work is a humanistic profession and astrophysics and astronomy answer these most human of questions we have. He also believes that curiosity is a gift and intends to keep using it to learn more everyday.

Jude has done some volunteering with various charities including youth work and community care charities. Jude is also a keen marathon runner and will be running the 2017 London Marathon in aid of his local hospice.

Jude wanted to work with GlamSci to show that science might not be a profession for everybody but it can be developed into a hobby and interest to which you can educate yourself to the highest level. He believes passions are there to be shared, hope through his blogs readers will become fascinated about the wonders of the world and the many more wonders that lie beyond, and if his blog posts inspires just one single person, it will be a huge success.