James Stubbings

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​James only decided that he wanted to be a chemist in school, he had some great, passionate science teachers and so there were many resources available for him to explore. He got involved with GlamSci as a way of giving back to young people, and giving them the same opportunities he had whilst he studied science at school.

James has been involved in public engagement in various roles during his undergraduate studies. He has been involved in open events, speaking to parents and A-Level students about university. He also held the role of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader, in his final year, this involved helping second-year students with their lecture material and taking part in regional conferences and meetings to promote and develop the role. Finally, James also took part The Brighton Science Festival 2016 to further publicise his PhD work and science in general.

​James is a chemistry Phd student at the University of Sussex, his research focuses on surface processes, an analytical technique to see how molecules stick to surfaces, and what happens to them once they’re there. Because he works at very low temperatures and pressures (around -250 °C and 10 trillionths of an atmosphere) this information can be used to model processes that happen in space.

James loves science because he is naturally curious. It is his belief that science is literally the study of how things work, and answers the question “why?”. James chose to study chemistry because it involves or can be applied to all the sciences, including areas like geology or ecology.