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​GlamSci’s mission is to encourage young people, particularly young women and disadvantaged young men into careers and education in STEM.

GlamSci’s vision is to take STEM out of the classroom scenario, putting it back into the local community, giving young people the reins to control their own educational journey.

As a diversity project, GlamSci aims to empower students through STEM, to help overcome adversity, break barriers and build resilience. GlamSci aims to support all marginalised groups, including NEET Students, those with gang history, LGBT+ and SEN students, build up their STEM skills, securing work experience placements and support them into further studies or into STEM careers.

GlamSci was set up in the memory of the late Mrs Vera King, who passed away in August 2015, after a short battle with cancer. Mrs King who has supported our cause since our inception in 2013, was a key member in the GlamSci community, and was one of our founding members.​

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Registered Charity Number 1168900

Our Mission and Vision

GlamSci is a newly registered STEM educational charity, based in Greater London.

We create bespoke events for Schools, Colleges, Local Businesses and Local Community Projects.

We are passionate about bring hands-on STEM back where it belongs, back in the local community, in the hands young people.

Our programs include motivational talks, class-wide or school-wide demos, support for educators, enterprise and businesses to establish links with schools.

​At GlamSci, we are dedicated to helping disadvantaged young men and women, guiding them through STEM education, building trust and confidence, and get them involved in the world of endless possibilities that a career in STEM promises.

Our non-profit organisation has been in operation since 2013 and we take pride in the work that we do for the future of people, both young and old.  

Welcome to GlamSci

Igniting a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

GlamSci will be visting New Scientist Live this September. See more on our events page!