true passion. Gerry wanted to learn how the Universe relates to itself in all its forms and in doing so, discover our past, make sense of our present, and in harnessing these laws and understanding ourselves, create the best future possible.

Gerry also has a range of interests across the sciences, particularly in Neuroscience, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and the Mathematics of Biology. Gerry also writes music and fiction, particularly Science Fiction and Cosmic Horror.

In his time at Glasgow Science Centre and in everyday life, Gerry has spoken to many people who’ve expressed an interest in science but feel they lack the ability or opportunity to take that interest further. In reality, Gerry believes that science is for everyone. He hopes to bring GlamSci’s mission to a wider audience and show that anyone can engage in science at some level, and that if you’re willing to not only work hard but also work smart, with skills anyone can learn, you can fulfil your potential and go further than you might imagine, regardless of whatever challenges we may face as we go through life.

​Gerry is an undergraduate at The Open University, studying Physics and Mathematics, with the aim to progress to a Masters followed by a PhD in Theoretical Physics/ Applied Mathematics. He also volunteers in Evaluation Research at Glasgow Science Centre, communicating regularly with visitors about the material and working to improve their overall experience. Gerry is also a member of my local Astronomy society. He has 8 Standard Grades and 5 Highers in Physics, Mathematics, Music, RMPS and English.

Gerry originally studied a humanities degree (with some science) at The University of Glasgow, before leaving due to illness. After taking some time out, he realised that his interests lie in Science, particularly Physics and Mathematics, being his

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Gerry McGinty