​Gabriele is a science policy officer at the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology. She has a 1st Class with Honours degree in BSc Biomedical Science from London Metropolitan University, as well as a high school diploma cum laude in Lithuania, where she is originally from.

Gabriele originally wanted to work as a biomedical scientist, working in an NHS hospital lab, but soon realised research didn’t suit her interests, and that her interests lie outside of the traditional lab.

After graduating, Gabriele had a few internships working in science events, enterprise and

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Gabriele Butkute

​marketing, where she could apply her science knowledge in a non-research environment. She found that Science policy is a very diverse field that teaches you about how science community works and what measures need to be taken to make sure that it’s supported.

Gabriele is keen to let students know, ‘You don’t always need to know exactly how your career will go’. Gabriele had a rough idea in her mind, and then seized opportunities as they came by and tried different things until it ‘clicked’.

Gabriele believes that, ‘University years should really be about developing skills and knowledge that can be translated into different career pathways. It should be about discovering what you are really good at which isn’t always what you thought you ought to be good at.’ And that ‘It’s often a very hard realisation that what you believed to be the best career for you for years, may not make you happy’. Gabriele also believes that ‘People have many talents and shouldn’t be put in stereotypical boxes in terms of their interests and careers’.

She wants to show that ‘There are so many career options outside the lab for science graduates, and having a science degree opens up so many doors that might not be spoken about at university’.

Gabriele finds working in science policy a very rewarding career and wants to encourage more young people to pursue it or at least be aware of it.

Gabriele’s current role doesn’t involve much outreach work, but she has helped other colleagues at Lambeth Country Fair with public engagement activities on nutrition and food security, and has spoken about her career in science policy at a careers fair at London Metropolitan University. At university, she spent time, running a student science society and edited, the faculty’s student magazine.