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Booking Types

GlamSci Demonstrations

One of our most popular events, activity and demonstrations days gets members 'hand-on' with STEM activities. From freezing bananas with liquid nitrogen, to practicing programming simple codes, members can experience what STEM professionals do in their day-to-day lives. The content of these Activity and Demonstration days can be tailored to suit the current curriculum for all age-ranges, as well as being an interesting event for team-building days.

£ 25.00 deposit required for booking

GlamSci Workshops

A smaller version of our GlamSci Demonstrations, allowing those involved to be more hands on with STEM experiments by preforming their own experiments individually or in small groups.. Limited to 35-40 participates.

£ 25.00 deposit required for booking

GlamSci Motivational Talks

GlamSci offers a series of motivational talks about STEM education, such as: How to Become a Scientist, What does a STEM Professional do? Women in the Workplace, Going to University on a Shoestring, and so on. GlamSci also offer a series of motivational talks applicable to local support groups and businesses, highlighting STEM business skills and the importance of resilience, how to overcoming adversity, build confidence and more. Talks can be tailor written to suit the institute, and be requested for any educational institution, business or event.

£ 25.00 deposit required for booking

GlamSci Bespoke UCAS Service

GlamSci has started bespoke UCAS services for schools and individuals, offering lunch-time group UCAS sessions, UCAS information lectures, and one-on-one bespoke person statement feedback via email and/or Skype.

£ 25.00 deposit required for booking

GlamSci Study Clubs

GlamSci offer after-school and lunch-time study clubs, that help young people with any problems with their STEM studies, and offers STEM lectures, with STEM professional who pride themselves on ‘teaching, without teaching’.

£ 25.00 deposit required for booking

GlamSci Fun Days and Festivals

GlamSci offers event’s in the local community, priding itself of taking STEM out of the classroom and into places where STEM isn’t often found, such as libraries, community centres, parks, playgrounds and festivals.

£ 50.00 required for booking

GlamSci INSET Training and CPD Events 

In these events, teaching staff train under current scientists to learn about how curriculum changes affect real-life STEM professionals, and how to teach tricky STEM areas by professionals in their fields. These events take focus away of learning 'How to Teach' and helping STEM teachers fall back in love with their subject by finding imaginative ways of getting the subject material across using techniques used in the STEM workplace. INSET and CPD Events, are tailor designed to suit any INSET theme, and can be an interesting addition to an NQT's CPD profile. 

£ 25.00 required for booking